2017 EPIC Award Recipient Marilyn Olson Neville

Congratulations to 2017 EPIC Award recipient Marilyn Olson Neville of Bollinger County Stray Project!  Read more about Marilyn.


Each year, a committee of EPIC volunteers nominates individuals who have shown exceptional initiative, creativity and dedication toward one of EPIC’s programs, projects or activities and the EPIC Board of Directors then votes to determine who will be honored with the EPIC Award. We are excited to announce that Marilyn Olson Neville has been selected as the recipient of this year’s EPIC Award! Marilyn serves as the director for the Bollinger County Stray Project, an organization she developed twelve years ago. Anyone who knows Marilyn, knows that to say she goes above and beyond to serve both people and dogs is an understatement. Marilyn has been an extraordinary partner to EPIC, supporting the EPIC Pals program in countless ways since our very first group in 2013. We cannot think of a more deserving recipient for this year’s EPIC Award. Congratulations Marilyn and thank you for your continued support of EPIC and for all that you do to make the world a better place!

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