EPIC Harvest Heyday!

EPIC Harvest Heyday!


Like most everyone, the pandemic has presented EPIC with plenty of opportunities to look for new ways to provide services.  At EPIC, we like to have lots of gatherings with the community where we come together for food, fun and connection, but for what are probably obvious reasons, we aren’t bringing people together in large groups right now.  This summer we decided to modify some of these community events to be “grab and go” events where we would stuff bags full of food, supplies and directions for crafts and activities, hygiene items and other useful and fun items for our community.  On October 16, we had the second of these events and we called it the EPIC Harvest Heyday! The planning committee was struggling to come up with a name for the event and a committee member suggested having a contest on social media.  Numerous names were suggested and the committee voted for the name “EPIC Harvest Heyday!” that was presented to us by Rachel Ashworth.  Rachel won a $25 visa card for coming up with the winning name!


The EPIC Harvest Heyday was held at CoNEXTion Community Resource Center and we gave away 150 bags stuffed with amazing items in exactly 20 minutes time!  It was a fun event and it was a fast event and we can’t wait to do something similar again!  We want to give an EPIC shout out to all who came to the event and got a bag as well as all who helped plan the event and who donated items to be included in the bags!  I hope I don’t forget anyone, but if I do, forgive me, and let me know and we will get you added to the list!  A special thanks to the following:


CoNEXTions Community Resource Center, Family Counseling Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri, Grace Church, Humane Society of Southeast Missouri, Safe House for Women, Missouri Children’s Division, Missouri Division of Youth Services, Cape Girardeau County Juvenile Offices, and McDonalds.


Thanks to all of our EPIC community members who helped make this EPIC Event a success and we will see you soon!

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