EPIC Pals Summer/Fall 2014 Update

EPIC Pals SummerFall 2014 Update Four youth participants and four dogs graduated from the summer session of EPIC Pals on August 14th.

All the dogs going through the class had found their forever homes by the end of the program. Our third session of EPIC Pals started in October at the Girardot Center. We are serving six young people and six dogs this session. We would like to thank all those who continue to help make EPIC Pals successful. This program would not be possible without your commitment and dedication to helping young people and dogs in our community. Fosters: Deneke Murphy Dr. Colleeen Retz Jessica & Ben Belanger John Gary Lynne & Drew Shipman Lori Vines Nikki Wolfe Robyn & Dustin Snodgrass Sarah & Richard Landers   Respite Providers: Kay and Henry Azuma Ryan Essex   Thanks to all of you who provided other help to make this program possible:   Local Shelters: Bollinger County Stray Project Humane Society of Southeast Missouri Safe harbor Animal Sanctuary   Local Businesses: Busch’s Pet Products Mississippi Mutts Vollink Photography & Design   If you are interested in fostering or learning more about the program, please contact Shelly at pals@epicprevention.org  or 573-837-9352.

Joining together in a common effort to build a healthy and safe community, reducing the risks of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs while promoting the healthy attitudes and behaviors of youth in Southeast Missouri.