Steer Sober

EPIC partnered with Dr. Jeremy Barnes’ Program Planning and Evaluation students from Southeast Missouri State University to develop the “Steer Sober” project designed to reduce drinking and driving.  The students initiated a campus wide pledge drive where their peers pledged to Steer Sober and not drive after drinking. They designed and distributed t-shirts with the Steer Sober message and gave multiple presentations on the project including Partners in Prevention’s Meeting of the Minds conference in Kansas City, MO.

EPIC is expanding the campaign in the community. Our public service announcement will begin airing soon and local bars will be displaying posters and using coasters asking patrons to Steer Sober. We will be distributing automobile air fresheners and bottled water with the same message at community events throughout the summer and fall. For more information on the Steer Sober project contact Jami at coordinator@epicprevention.org

Joining together in a common effort to build a healthy and safe community, reducing the risks of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs while promoting the healthy attitudes and behaviors of youth in Southeast Missouri.